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Philip Zabel

Artery Studios Medical Illustration & Animation
Manager of Operations

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Dr. Philip Zabel (MBA, MD) is Manager of Operations at Artery Studios. Using his expertise, Quality Control of the medical visuals created by our studio is a significant day-to-day responsibility, as well as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Legal, and IT.
Artery Studios is a top-tier visualization studio that creates medical illustrations, animations and other digital media. With a track record of 30 years, clients turn to our highly-specialized team to assist in: patient and public education; research communications; publishing endeavors; and healthcare advancement. We play a key role in visually portraying: treatment break-throughs; product technology; drug/vaccine actions; complex anatomy; physiological issues; etc. Our crystal-clear visuals enhance communication of medical information by “translating” complex issues into visuals that are readily understood – resulting in enhanced treatment outcomes.